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About Us

Shortly after graduating high school, I was diagnosed with Seborrhea Dermatitis, an inflammatory skin disorder affecting the scalp, face, and torso.Typically, Seborrheic Dermatitis presents with scaly, flaky, itchy, and red skin. Although it can be treated, it cannot be "cured." The good news is with proper maintenance, seborrhea can be controlled. After many years of unspeakable amounts of money spent 

seeing a dermatologist, I finally was prescribed a medicated shampoo to treat my condition.I was instructed to shampoo my hair daily with a steroid and follow up with a prescribed lotion...of course, totaling a whopping $500 without insurance.

Needless to say, the harsh chemicals from the relaxers burned my scalp and only contributed to the problem. I decided September 2008 there would be no more "LYE" for me.Having a brave spirit and an open mind to be bold and somewhat daring, it was a rapid transition from "LYE" to natural. Shortly after making the decision to be natural, I performed the "BIG CHOP"on November 17, 2008. It was exactly one week before one of the 

biggest celebrated weekends in Jackson,Mississippi, the"Capital City Classic." Instantly, I fell in love with my natural hair. In 2008, it was quite rare to see women with natural hair in Jackson, MS, so I made a personal commitment to inspire every woman I came in contact with to consider letting the "LYE" go. I talked to as many women as I could. 

Now, natural hair is common in my home town.

In 2009, I wanted to celebrate my acceptance of my natural beauty, so I created a t-shirt line that promotes, celebrates, and encourages individuals let go of "LYE". DeNaturelle Apparel manifested out of my desire to have others share in this experience. With the help of a wonderful graphic designer and my best friend, I began designing images that represented natural. I emailed the t-shirt design to some of my dearest friends and family and asked them to pre-order the shirts in support of my vision. 

The patronage that I received was phenomenal! I personally thank each 

and every one of you for supporting and encouraging me. Your trust and 

loyalty to the products encourage me to continue promoting natural beauty. I hope together we can inspire other women to let the "LYE" go and believe in their natural beauty.